No More Hustleporn: I interviewed @artman about how he and the team are building @linear.

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      I interviewed
      about how he and the team are building
  An interesting thing Tuomas said: because he worked at Uber during hypergrowth (2014-19), he wanted to make sure that he applies the lesson learned at Uber at his next startup:
  Never do hypergrowth again.
      This is because of the extreme pain hypergrowth comes with, how it pushes systems to be rewritten all the time.
  The opposite of hypergrowth is sensible and controlled growth where people have the time to grow with the company and their roles.
      Honestly, I came away impressed and think more companies should stop looking up to unhealthy practices like hypergrowth and blitzscaling - needed for a fraction of companies - and look to healthy ways to grow startups.
  Full interview will later come to
      To clarify: avoid hypergrowth means hypergrowth *in headcount*. Tuomas and the Linear team are building the company so they are prepared for hypergrowth *in usage* without having to grow headcount with the same hypergrowth pace.
  It is hard to do right.
            You need to work towards making it feasible not to have to hypergrow your headcount once your customer base starts hypergrowing.