No More Hustleporn: The Future of Video Infrastructure

Tweet by Walter Chen

co-founder of @sacrainc, investor at and chairman at @animalzco. previously co-founder at @idonethis.

during covid, video became critical infrastructure for all social interactions

one company that's indexed on its rise is video api @MuxHQ which is positioning itself to become an 'aws for video'

Adam Brown, co-founder of Mux, on the future of video infrastructure

social's been on a trajectory towards live video and synchronicity with increased bandwidth and frequency of communication per @arjunsethi & @artzandy

covid accelerated and mainstreamed that transformation of the web…


The Hive is the New Network

traditional broadcast live video is one use case, but the upside case for @MuxHQ lies in its ability to enable custom, interactive live video

that has mux betting on developer creativity, which has been a solid bet over the last 15 years.


mux has a usage-based pricing model which makes it easy for developers to get started and means that it has really high net revenue retention as customers scale, reportedly 160%.… @alex

Mux raises $37M Series C as its API-based video streaming service scales

mux is also used by other video api players like wistia, vimeo ($VMEO) who offer programmatic backend video hosting. uses mux in its video chat api.

that means that mux is something of a video utility used throughout the ecosystem

when clubhouse blew up in feb 2020, investors piled into live audio infra provider agora ($API) to get indexed on the social audio phenomenon… @TrungTPhan

Meet Agora, the company powering Clubhouse

folks interested in the long-term secular trend of video would be wise to pay attention to @MuxHQ

check out our conversation with co-founder adam brown here

Adam Brown, co-founder of Mux, on the future of video infrastructure