No More Hustleporn: What Explosive Products Have In Common

Tweet by Peter Reinhardt

CEO @CharmIndustrial, prev. CEO @Segment, @MIT aerospace. Biggest fanboy of @embrein. Lots to learn.

One of my favorite learnings from Twilio CEO @jeffiel was that the most explosive developer products are the ones that solve a *biz dev* problem for developers. A 🧵1/5

The absolute last thing a developer wants is to sit in meetings with telecoms just to send a text (solved by @twilio), or spend months with credit card co’s and banks just to accept payments (solved by @stripe @Plaid). Just gimme an API key immediately after I sign up. 2/5

So as I got to know @KiranRaju, CEO of @arcadia, this was my lens. And boy Arcadia was super interesting: APIs for electrical utility billing and data (like @Plaid for banks or @segment for martech). A developer’s biz dev nightmare! 3/5

And even better for impact, Kiran’s vision is to enable whole new classes of climate solutions like distributed storage, dispatchable demand, community solar and more in an ecosystem of energy products built on @arcadia’s utility APIs. 4/5

Arcadia | Arc

I’m super excited to be joining Arcadia as an independent board member, and hopefully put a decade of developer API business learnings from @segment and @twilio to use on an amazing platform for the energy transition and climate. 5/5

And a huge thank you to @tgm who’s a fabulous angel investor in @segment, @arcadia and @CharmIndustrial for connecting us in the first place!