No More Hustleporn: ChatGPT hack for adhd & executive dysfunction:

Tweet by Nick Dobos

      ChatGPT hack for adhd & executive dysfunction:
  Copy paste your todo list or the thing you’re avoiding and ask gpt to break it down into smaller steps. (Even if it’s absolutely trivial and you know the steps, like doing dishes)
  chatGPT as hyperfocus on demand
      I didn’t think Ai reminding me how to fold laundry or do dishes would be helpful, but uhhhhh
  There’s something extremely weird happening where I can outsource my planning mind to gpt
      I am seriously reconsidering how my entire brain works and the nature of my procrastination, executive dysfunction and adhd after trying this a few times and watching myself breeze through stuff
      Like I clearly KNOW the steps to do all the things
  But by using an Ai to mirror to back at me
  To remind myself, focus my mind and kinda pre-visualize and plan the work, I am able to save my brain that processing power(????), and like kickstart the action with way less effort??
      I’m seriously so confused how/why this is working for me
  Has anyone else tried something this?
      GTD and the whole “figure out the first step” might really be into something
      Protip part 2, ask for estimates
            It even give me estimates on how long I should spend on each step of an overall task, which has been really insightful
      AHA!! 💡💡!!
  I think I figured out why it’s working!
  I’m a people pleaser. Way easier for me to do something when someone else asks, but I suck at responding to me own internal cues.
  SO I gave myself a fake person to please! Who happens to want exactly what I do
            Sometimes it's as simple as instructions coming from an external place